100 Days

“Decide what to be and go be it.”


 Yesterday marked 100 days sobriety for my son.

I write from a heart of gratitude. Gratitude for today. Gratitude that God chose to save him. Gratitude that he chose to be saved and has enough respect for himself to choose sobriety. He decides, the Universe makes it happen. Wanting life, seeing it’s gift, knowing if he uses again he’ll become dust, Noah lives.

Feeling in HIS body, knowing in HIS mind, my old-soul son, understands more than I ever could. Helping others, writing letters, speaking, giving his time and energy he’ll use his life for good. People will listen. God will heal and change addicts because my warrior went under the knife to gain the needle able to stitch up the wounded.

To truly understand you must walk the road.

His own drill, tools, given to him by his dad for his birthday, he goes to work everyday installing office equipment. At twenty, he’s still figuring out what he wants to do with his life, like half the nation at 40.

I finally know, like I just figured it out a year ago. Here’s the catch–DECIDE.

Decide what to be and go be it.

That’s Noah. Once he decides, nothing stops him. It happens, pronto. That’s my son.

To all–Thank you for loving, living, praying, giving, reaching out, understanding and being. You are amazing. I wish you a fantastic week. Sending love and power.

xo Shelley



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