and Rainbows


I learned something today. I mean I probably knew it already but I needed reminding. Giving thanks on the glider with coffee, this thought tapped my mind.

When you worry it’s the opposite of giving thanks.


Instead of being grateful for the money you have you worry about the money you don’t have. The great evil ingratitude sucks the soul without acknowledgement.

Ingratitude = entitlement.

It took me two years until the thought hit– “Thank you for saving my life” when I ended up in the ER at my first Ironman, instead of the finish line.

When we worry/complain (even if it’s just in our mind) we are being ungrateful. How can we expect to be blessed with more if we aren’t thankful for what we we’ve BEEN GIVEN?!!!

This work of the mind is purposeful. Ask to understand.

Swallowed by life, I’m spit out of the mouth of the whale. Not complaining about the years spent in her belly, I run (finally) knowing my purpose.

“Go tell the people Shelley. Seek to save the children from the epidemic that is killing them.”


People wanting to know about Noah.

Thank you. Thank you so much for caring. For asking. For loving and praying. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

I talked to him about 4 days ago. He was riding the bus to work (yes, still Buffalo Wild Wings). It didn’t seem like he liked it. I encouraged him to surround himself with bubbles and kittens.

“And rainbows.” -Noah Steinle

So young in recovery, I told him he needed to protect himself. Trying to parent while not enabling, the line massively fuzzy.

I found his tennis racket yesterday. I forgot I’d hidden it in one of my Ironman bags, telling him it was at Dad’s so he didn’t sell it for heroin.

His counselor (from his sober living) is supposed to talk to him about maybe getting a different job. Either at a animal shelter or a tennis club. Please pray, send love, positive vibes and keep believing that he will choose greatness, recovery today.

Sending love and power

xo Shelley




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