like son like mother

“Mom, did you ASK Noah if you could get that tattoo? -Anna Rose


Dusty, Noah’s tattoo artist said this was the smallest I should go. Over time, fine lines melt, becoming mush. Listen to the artist working on you or for you. Knowing best their craft, trust to receive the perfect outcome.

A lots happened…….

I didn’t go to Tracey’s Place of Hope (yet) because the week I was planning to go, Noah went to Houston for court. So, like a mother, I changed plans. That story another time, it deserves its own show.


All Steinle’s went to Minnesota for Christmas. Randy (Noah’s dad), Beth (Noah’s step-mom), Josiah(25),  Anna Rose (22), Autumn (17), Finn (the dog) and me. We’d make this Christmas his best, last Christmas dubbed his worst.

Renting a house like a normal family (misfits), we hibernated from the -13 temps, living on monkey bread, creamed eggs, yoga and lost time.

Memories staying on, bodies left the 27th. Mine another week, lessened the leave.


Of course I asked if I could get the tattoo.

Life rises up to meet those brave enough to walk it.  Wake up daily and choose yes. Choose family. True family-not last names, share hearts. Bonded in spirit, love’s one vein.


Six months sober is my son.

Heart, limbic brain, solar plexus, spirit, screams.  I never tire.







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Shelley Steinley

My mission is to give love, hope and beauty to the world in my art and writing. I believe that anyone can achieve their dreams and that all things are possible. I create art to inspire and write books to build confidence and hope. Creating laughter, fun and happiness on a level higher than most people thought possible, I want others to experience true joy in living.

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