Noah told me this.

“Cute girls go to yoga.” -Noah Steinle


People always want to know about Noah.  I get it–I’m the same way.

Last night we went to yoga (Noah and I.) Then we went to dinner (pho.) Then HEB (groceries.)

Seven months sober is my son. (I’ve said this before.) That could be scary. And–it is scary. But, this time is different (knocking on wood) because Noah is different. He began reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it resonated with his soul. It aligns with the reading I’ve been doing in The Master Key System by Charles Haanel which aligns with Jesus teaching and all the great teachers.

Noah knows his inside, his soul, his connectedness to God. He tells me things I learned at 49.  That the real you is essence, Being. He says that you can’t trade one addiction for another. You can’t just become addicted to running instead of heroin (although a jillion times better) because you are still covering something up, avoiding something within yourself. You have to get to the core of what the issue is, why you’re addicted, and why you aren’t accepting and loving yourself. And when you discover that YOU are NOT your addiction, YOU are letting it control you and YOU are one with God, one with POWER, one with ETERNAL SOUL, then and only then can you begin to heal, to become THE REAL YOU. Noah told me this.

He’s teaching tennis. If anyone wants a lesson, message me and I’ll make sure you get on his list! He has a great purpose.

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  1. Rebecca carfield on January 19, 2019 at 9:38 am

    shelley, I am going to get your book as soon as I get my new address.