Nothing happens fast

Nominated ‘cutest smile’ in high school, I went to church, didn’t swear, obeyed my parents and was only grounded once for seeing an R-rated movie. First born, I wondered if I was too good, too blonde, too smiley or too happy.

Fast forward four kids later and I’m downtown Houston wearing bright green running shorts and a ponytail, tracking down my nineteen-year old who was anything but the above.

“Hi officer” I said. “We posted bond for my son. Can you locate him?”

Checking the system, he said, “His bond hasn’t posted yet.”  Until then, I can’t tell you anything. If it posts tonight, which it probably won’t, he’ll have 6-12 hours to process. They get out from 8:30 pm to 12 am over at Commerce street, this is San Jacinto.”

It was 4:55 pm. Apparently, I was staying overnight. Using a hotel app, I found a Marriott where dogs stay free*.

People cut their filet mignon and drank wine as Finn and I paraded throughout the carpeted foyer.  To avoid costly room service, a $3.50 delivery charge and the 19% tip, I bought two over-priced egg sandwiches from the lobby.

We ate in our room.

At 8:30 pm, I packed up and headed to Commerce street, a warehouse looking/train station building with a huge garage door opening.

“You’re not allowed to park there, ma’am, taxis only” said the cab driver. Obeying, I moved four spaces down and got out, dog in hand, attempting my best hoodlum.

A 200+ pound man stood behind the sign, “Do not stand behind this line.”

“I’m trying to get my son” I said, assuming the obvious.

“Shift change. Nothing happens here till after midnight.” Said the guard.

“San Jacinto said they got out between 8:30 and 12.”

“They don’t know what they’re talking about at San Jacinto”, he said. “You might as well go home.”

*The app lied. Dogs aren’t free.




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Shelley Steinley

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