Ringing in Today

January one 2019

I went to retrieve the trash cans off the curb, they’d been there a week and a half. I think I missed the trash guy last week, trash day falling on Christmas Eve. Dragging them behind me, I walked down the hill to my house. Halfway mid-walk I stopped.

Something caught me. A presence. A feeling. An Awe.

I saw myself for who I really was. Behind all the stuff I HAVE is who I AM.  l live in this awesome one-story house that sits amongst trees and the quiet, just at the edge of town. I have a fenced yard for my pups, songbird-filled woods, a garage full of tools and a truck in my driveway.  All of that is nice and points to my personality and physical life but for a second I saw myself outside of all that.

Today see yourself for who you really are outside of things that define you. You are a BEING. Alive. Here. A new creation you get to create in 2019.

Go and Be Such.



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Shelley Steinley

My mission is to give love, hope and beauty to the world in my art and writing. I believe that anyone can achieve their dreams and that all things are possible. I create art to inspire and write books to build confidence and hope. Creating laughter, fun and happiness on a level higher than most people thought possible, I want others to experience true joy in living.

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