My little hideaway


I’m in New York City at my older son’s 750 square foot, one bathroom apartment. Waking before everyone else–my son, his wife, three other roommates, I yearn for quiet, nature.  Contorting body, I climb up, over the desk that blocks the window I’ve unlatched, opened. Scrunching down on the desk, backpack in place, phone stuffed in my run bra, I weasel out the opening to the fourth floor fire escape landing.

Not the normal house guest, I prop pillows underneath me creating a nest. Sitting back to brick building, I look out.  My little hideaway, a vacancy for one, is nestled among the trees. I feel home.

Unloading my backpack–journal pages, books, yellow legal pads, I create my day in advance.

Have goals that you’re excited about, goals that thrill you. You need something you’re working towards, something you love.

I told Noah this.

Crossing fingers and hearts with yours, I pray he hears me, hears God.

Sending power and love–

xo Shelley




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Shelley Steinley

My mission is to give love, hope and beauty to the world in my art and writing. I believe that anyone can achieve their dreams and that all things are possible. I create art to inspire and write books to build confidence and hope. Creating laughter, fun and happiness on a level higher than most people thought possible, I want others to experience true joy in living.

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