Be Bold

Be bold in all you do. Ask/pray/believe that what you have asked for has already happened. Don’t WAIT for it to happen, like an outside source has to deliver it to you. Act as if it already exists because in the Infinite Mind, it does.

The only reason it takes longer to receive what you have asked for is because of you. Because of a limited mind. It takes no time whatsoever for the Universe to manifest what you want. It’s already there waiting for you to claim it.

As soon as you ask, it appears. Done according to your faith. God the source, our job–belief.

Don’t waste your energy where it’s not heard. You have so much power in your thoughts. Use your mind for good, believe greatness exists for all and to give love to all.

This week, think of something that seems difficult, a tinge impossible but yet not completely (because nothing is) and DECIDE to claim it. Now, you have to want it, something you desire. And it can’t be for evil intent, it has to manifest good. It has to be somewhat believable, achievable, attainable in your mind because (of course) God can do anything, but if you don’t believe it, it won’t happen. So, choose to believe it! Let no doubt enter your mind. See it done. Everyday do this. Give thanks that it has happened, because in truth, it has.

Tomorrow I will write about Noah. He is good. Thank you for his goodness, his great life, his old soul that seeks truth and knows it exits. Thank you so much for my son.




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Shelley Steinley

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